success stories!

Charli (now Chowda)


Charli was the PAWS Project first rescue.  She was found in Henry County as a small puppy.  She now lives with friends of ours and we still get to see her all the time.  She is an amazing family dog.



Frankie was pulled from Haralson County just moments after a car pulled into the shelter parking lot and literally heaved her out onto the pavement.  Frankie is living the good life in Massachusetts with a loving mom and dad.



When Dakota was pulled from death row at the shelter no one knew she was pregnant.  She gave birth to 10 amazing puppies and all of them have now come up to Maine and found incredible forever homes.

Clementine (now Sadie)


After Clementine was rescued EARLs discovered she had heart worm and she had to stay in Georgia longer than expected.  The PAWS Project flew her back to Massachusetts after one of our volunteer trips and she is now spoiled rotten in Massachusetts.



Heidi was pulled from Douglas County after an extended stay there.  When we pulled her we loved how she would always commando crawl leaving her kennel.  She is a sweet and loving dog who now lives in Massachusetts as a therapy dog for a war veteran.  



Freddy was beyond his euthanasia date at Henry County but employees loved this spunky guy and were able to buy him a little extra time until EARLs and PAWS could come get him.  He is an amazing dog who now lives in Massachusetts.

Blaze and Blossom


Blaze and Blossom (now Dudley and Keiko) were on their last day at an Alabama shelter before they would have to be put down.  Rescued with EARLS these adorable little pups came north to Maine and found amazing forever homes through Animal Welfare Society.

Biscuit (now Molly)


Biscuit (left) was an incredibly shy dog pulled from Haralson County.  She would just sit in the back corner of her kennel trying to be invisible.  She is now and outgoing, happy and goofy pup enjoying every day with her family and her sister Nala.



Benji is one of our favorite stories.  EARLS Hope found Benji in the middle of the street almost hit by a car and then surrendered by his owner.  Through friends of PAWS Benji now lives in London with three little boys who had always dreamed of a dog.  He sleeps with them, and goes on family adventures throughout Europe.  What a life!



Baxter is a goofy low rider rescued from Sumter Human Society.  It took a little while for him to settle in at the shelter up north, but he was just waiting for the right forever family who found him and adores him.  Thank you Animal Welfare Society.

Jack Jack


Jack Jack is a wiggly sweet boy pulled from Sumter Human Society.   He came to up to Maine and found the perfect family who loves his energy and happy nature.



Chance was days beyond when the Henry County Shelter was scheduled to put him down for overcrowding.  But an employee there loved this sweet boy.  PAWS saw him on FB and asked EARLs to pull him.  Chance is scheduled to come up January 24th and will spend a few days with the Wogan family before they find him an amazing forever home.



Line had a slim chance of getting out of the Sumter Humane Society.  But PAWS teamed up with Road Trip Home and a private sponsor to bring him north.  He now has an adoring family and loving life in Maine.

Mama Mary (now Molly)


Mama Mary was found under a church - starving and dirty - nursing her 10 puppies.  EARLs rescued the entire family and worked with PAWS to sponsor them.  Mama Mary now lives in Massachusetts and PAWS gets to see her.  And she gets to see one of her puppies all the time too!



Phoebe (left)  was a shy girl pulled from Baldwin County the day she was set to be euthanized.  She came to Cape Ann Animal Aid, and then was fostered by the Wogan Family as well.  She now enjoys every day playing with her brother Opie and is happy as can be.



Snow is a sweet little girl pulled from Douglas County.  In pictures she looks like she is about 50#, but she is petite like a fox.   Snow is a very smart and loving dog.  She came up to Cape Ann Animal Aid to find her forever home.



Sugar is a great girl pulled from Opelika in Alabama.  Her family reports she is spoiled and spends half her time in Maine and half in Florida. 



Tay was the last dog part of a hoarding situation pulled from Douglas County.  This shy dog who hid in the back of her kennel blossomed into a sweet and affectionate cuddle bug.  She is living in Massachusetts with a family who adores her.



Bridget was rescued by EARLs with her 8 puppies.  Bridge is a goofy low rider who can jump off the ground to your lap with all four feet at once.  Bridget and all her puppies found forever homes thanks to Cape Ann Animal Aid.



Indigo was rescued from Douglas County.  She is a very smart girl who loves to sit with her head in your lap.  She is now living a great life in Maine thanks to Animal Welfare Society.



Charlotte came from Douglas County.  When we pulled her you could count every rib in her body.  After being fostered by EARLs she put on the weight she needed to be healthy.  Charlotte is a dog whose tail never stops wagging!



Moon was pulled from Henry County.  After we left there for a visit we couldn't stop thinking about him and had to go back.  Though Moon had a tough time adjusting to the kennel up north at first he found a family who loves him and is willing to play endless catch with him which is his favorite thing to do.



Wren was a favorite at Sumter Humane, and the people there reached out to PAWS to ask if we would be willing to help sponsor getting her north.  Her family is so grateful we did! She is a silly and sweet girl!

Naya (now Fern)


Naya's one straight ear and one floppy ear is what attracted us to rescue her.  While unfortunately it is the result of an injury - it makes her extra cute.  She is a laid back, happy girl who just wants to go on slow walks and be loved.  And that is just what she found in Massachusetts.